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er et avansert, luksuriøst og revitaliserende SPA med internasjonal ekspertise. Vårt tilbud er optimalisering av mental og fysisk helse, avspenning, påfyll av energi, finne din ungdomskilde gjennom sunn livsstil og profesjonelle og problemløsende hudbehandlinger. Behandlingene spenner mellom det mest avanserte av Vestens moderne vitenskap og teknologi i kombinasjon med Østens tradisjonsrike helsefilosofi og visdom gjennom tusener av år.
Ulikt andre SPA vil du hos oss ha både skjønnhetseksperter og helsefaglig personell rundt deg for å ivareta og sikre deg helhetlig og profesjonell assistanse for å oppnå dine mål.

Vår filosofi:
"Dysthymia - youtube sign in browse | movies | upload search dysthymia lanoragd subscribe subscribed unsubscribe loading... 7 videos loading... Close upgrade to the latest flash player for improved playback performance. Upgrade now or more info. 9,536 like add to share loading... Sign in or sign up now! viagra for sale cheap viagra http://floridalighttacklecharters.com/thq-buy-viagra-canada-uk/ cheap generic viagra buy cheap viagra http://classicmotocrossimages.com/mbs-buy-viagra-online-go/ viagra without a doctor prescription viagra for cheap cheap viagra generic viagra online Loading... Uploaded by lanoragd on jun 28, 2006 this is my first art film. Welcome to mental illness. Dysthymia silent days and summers hotboy, you've forgotten how to fallglitter girl has locked away her ability to empathizehas lost the silent shade of gray locked behind her hardened eyesthe slow and restless child sleeps and wonders why she can not trya little more to push away the growing urge to runsilence as she grows older has become her only weaponto lock it all away inside and let her body wither and dieturmoil rushes my veins, pushing me overtears roll down my face, my stomach turns to acidan intense sadness overcomes my blood, as a drug wouldis sadness my drug of choice? Caring about it would never workit's a whole other world out theregod, to convey to one who's shut out the worldit's like telling the cat to go get the mailit's a person problem in my point of viewor is it my point of view that is the personal problem? They'd like for me to believe thatto lose all hope and sense of self worthwell if that's what they want, they got that a long time agotoo late my friend, you'll never grasp this challengeit's beyond you to accept another point of viewignorance will eventually shut off the world's existenceand they are the bright onesyeah? Well they don't shine in my worldwe aren't even in the same galaxyso tell your ships to cleat my skies or they are in for a new paramount ridesorrow, what a wordtoday's daily doubledrop that one down your pantscan you stand on your own two feet now? Pull the car aroundlet's do a thelma and louiseit's the only way to get any attention around hereunless you've got your own portable plastic surgeonif i were to walk it off i'd fall into the oceanthat'd be nice! Intelligence is the factorburning away at my silencei talk to fill this empty voidwear my mask of joymy cloak of happinesspleading for sanityracing timetrying to win backmy broken lifeemptied in the dying chaircold airburning hotflowing overthe frozen stream of dried clay and tears little poems form in my head, poems i'll never write, happy little thoughts, crippled and bloody, they scatter when the light comes on, they run and hide, their blood drips on the floor, stains the carpet and makes the white look so dull, and they run around in my head and they look so unhappy, and i ask them sometimes if they want to come out but they always say no, every day a. Med hjelp av lysets og havets legende evner gjenvinnes helhetlig helse".

AMC MEDISPA is an advanced and luxurious revitalisation Spa with international expertise. Our offer is to optimise your mental and physical health, refuel your energy, and find your source of youth through healthy lifestyle and
professional problem solving. The treatments range from the most advanced in Western technology, science and health, with the traditional health and wisdom of the East, that has been in practice over thousands of years. Unlike other SPAs, you have beauty experts and health care professionals to take special care of you , so that you may achieve your ultimate goals.

”Trough the healing power, derived from the ocean and light, you will gain complete holistic health.”


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